Cybersecurity at Georgia Tech

The Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP) at Georgia Tech connects government, industry and academia to solve the grand challenges of cybersecurity. As a coordinating body for 11 labs and centers dedicated to academic and solution-oriented applied research, the IISP leverages intellectual capital from across Georgia Tech and external partners to address vital solutions for national defense, economic continuity, and individual freedom. Our aim is to anticipate, overcome and continually resist emerging cyberthreats through expert insight, innovative breakthroughs, and cutting-edge curriculum. As a hub for national collaboration, the IISP helps government and industry partners move Georgia Tech's cyber research into deployable solutions that close the innovation gap with immediate application in the world.

Students, Faculty and Staff reporting a cybersecurity incident may contact Georgia Tech Cyber Security.

Cyber Research Thrusts


How should the private sector use personal information? Should the government be able to access communication in transit or at rest?

Consumer-Facing Privacy

How can consumers securely interact with technology? What are the best practices?


How can we definitively know who is responsible for a cyber breach? What can be done when we cannot attribute the breach?


How do we quantify & assess in real time? Who do we watch? What do we look for?


How should people, machines, and networks establish trust in reliable ways? How does the trust relationship change over time?

Cyber Physical Systems

What inputs and outputs should be part of the most fortified embedded and physical systems?

Educational Opportunities
Industry Engagement
2017 Threat Report


The 2017 Emerging Cyber Threats, Trends & Technologies Report

by Georgia Tech is an expert-driven outlook of how cybersecurity events are shaping new research solutions. Issued each Fall at the annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit.


Download the report

Issued at the 14th Annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit held Sept. 28, 2016






Featured Event


cyber security summit Sept 27 2017


DEFxAtlanta: Cyber, DoD, and the 5th Offset
June 1 - 3
Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) partners with Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and the U.S. Army Cyber Command to bridge the divide between cyber warriors, policy makers, and operators. DEFxAtlanta will bring to bear a cadre of cyber professionals to collectively address sets of technical challenges and policy matters for all the defense enterprise.