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If you’re in the market for an internet-connected garage door opener, doorbell, thermostat, security camera, yard irrigation system, slow cooker a new website can help you understand the security issues these shiny new devices might bring into your home.


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Cybersecurity researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in the backend systems that feed content and advertising to smartphone applications through a network of cloud-based servers that most users probably don’t even know exists.



Friday, January 10, 2020 - 12:00pm

A free, open-to-the-public, one-hour lecture offered each Friday features thought leaders who are advancing the field of cybersecurity. Meet executives from Fortune 500 companies, researchers from federal intelligence agencies, as well as university faculty and students sharing their latest discoveries.

Monday, October 12, 2020 - 8:30am

This year’s event will include leading cybersecurity researchers from Georgia Tech and thought leaders from industry and government. The summit will address pressing cybersecurity issues in technology, policy, data protection, and vendor risk management.

Partner with Georgia Tech IISP

The Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP) at Georgia Tech connects government, industry and academia to solve the grand challenges of cybersecurity. As a coordinating body for 12 labs and centers dedicated to academic and solution-oriented applied research, the IISP leverages intellectual capital from across Georgia Tech and external partners to address vital solutions for national defense, economic continuity, and individual freedom.

Partner with the Institute for Information Security & Privacy to meet and hire Georgia Tech students, access emerging cybersecurity research, gain threat intelligence from research scientists and engineers, and consult with Georgia Tech faculty. The IISP Partnership Program helps organizations target specific challenges, stay at the forefront of research-based solutions, and shape a workforce pipeline that meets current and future needs.

Georgia Tech's Cybersecurity Advantage

Graduate and professional education
Georgia Tech offers cybersecurity short courses and certificates -- taught by our researchers at your worksite or in Atlanta.
Comprehensive Research
Explore a problem, customize and harden components, or build a prototype with Georgia Tech faculty and researchers.
State-of-the-art lab facilities
Classified and unclassified research spaces offer a broad range of equipment platforms for informed security.
Licensable I.P.
Learn how to license Georgia Tech inventions, patents, software, and copyrightable materials.

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Get the insider track at Georgia Tech. Access first-hand insight from cybersecurity faculty, researchers and students to help close the innovation gap you face today. Learn what threats we see coming and partner with us to create the next solutions.

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Georgia Tech’s cybersecurity experts span computer science, electrical engineering, public policy, international affairs, business risk management, and represent labs with deep expertise in national defense. Find an advisor, public speaker, or source for news insight.

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Researcher examines Georgia's FinTech ecosystem

Associate Director of Risk Management, Sudheer Chava, co-authored the 2018 State of Georgia's FinTech Ecosystem Report. Working in conjunction with the Technology Association of Georgia and executives from three financial organizations, Chava's new Financial Services Innovation Lab outlined trends and challenges that will shape the future of an already robost FinTech industry in the Southeast. The report was released May 8 at the inaugural "FinTech South" event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

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