When Virtual Becomes Actual

The Institute for Information Security & Privacy hosts events throughout the year to stimulate face-to-face conversations and solutions around cybersecurity. Our aim is to offer events that are open to all who wish to participate and free to attend, thanks to the generous support of industry partners. Connect with us here at Georgia Tech or at industry and government events around the globe.


Coming Up...  Join us for these Spring events!

Jan. 13 - Apr. 21, 2017

Spring '17 Cybersecurity Lecture Series

Join us every Friday at Noon to meet academic and industry leaders for intimate discussions about new cyberthreats, trends and technologies. Sponsored by Jackson National Life Insurance Company.


Mar. 31 @Noon
Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room KACB #1116W, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta
Bharat Srinivasan, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

Apr. 7 @Noon
Pettit Microelectronics Research Building (MIRC), Room #102, 791 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta
Yanick Fratantonio, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara

Apr. 14 @Noon
Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room KACB #1116W, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta
Brandon Eames, Sandia National Labs

Apr. 21 @Noon
Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room KACB #1116W, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta
James Plusquellic, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico


March 29

Internet Governance Outlook 2017

The CEPS Initiative hosts a public seminar in Brussels, Belgium, featuring policy expert and Georgia Tech Professor Milton Mueller, to exchange knowledge and ideas about cybercrime and internet governance, and its impacts on governments, business, technical communities and civil society.

April 12

Inform[ed] IoT Security

Georgia Tech Assistant Professor Manos Antonakakis, a network security and attribution expert, will serve as a panelist at the CableLabs Inform(ED) IoT Security Conference -- part of a two-day conference to be held April 12-13, 2017 in New York City. 

April 13

IISP Demo Day Finale

Meet five student teams with ground-breaking ideas for the next cybersecurity solutions. Students present their work before a panel of venture capitalists, business leaders, and technology experts for advice and the chance to win angel funding.

What It's All About


April 18

Surveillance, Privacy, and Data Across Borders: Trans-Atlantic Perspectives

This open-to-the-public conference convenes stakeholders and thought leaders on the issue of trans-Atlantic mutual legal assistance (MLA) --  agreements between two or more countries for the purpose of gathering and exchanging data to enforce laws. The conference will examine the intersection of MLA in law enforcement, intelligence, and military settings; and a technological assessment. Details to come...

April 25 - 27

MODSIM World 2017

MODSIM World connects industry, government and academia for the exchange of modeling and simulation knowledge, research and technology,  including critical infrastructure, maritime, healthcare, aerospace, and defense and homeland security.

May 11 - 12

Internet Governance Project Workshop: "Who Governs: States or Stakeholders? Cybersecurity & Internet Governance"

Today the linkage between cybersecurity and national security risks re-establishing the traditional sovereignty model. Yet the factors that led to innovations like ICANN are also present in cybersecurity issues. Can cybersecurity elicit institutional innovations, or will national security concerns lead to a re-territorialization of the Internet?


May 22 - 24

IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy

Georgia Tech faculty and students contribute cybersecurity research papers at this academic conference dedicated to computer security and electronic privacy.


August 8 - 10

TechNet Augusta

The Georgia Tech Research Institute participates in this forum for key military professionals to address network, security and training needs for emerging challenges with an eye toward 2025 and beyond.


September 27

Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit

Each year, security experts see new evolutions in cyber threats to people, businesses and governments. The Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit brings together government, industry, and academia to prepare for the newest challenges in securing information and cyber-connected systems.