Welcome to the Institute for Information Security & Privacy


Solving Cybersecurity's Most Critical Challenges

As co-directors of the Institute for Information Security & Privacy, we are excited and proud to be in a position to amplify Georgia Tech's long-standing tradition of discovering, connecting, and solving cybersecurity threats.  Our mission is to address the newest and next cybersecurity challenges faced by government, industry and individuals, and to train the next leaders who will continue this important work in the field. We advance from a position already fortified by the successful achievements of two leading labs -- the Georgia Tech Internet Security Center (GTISC) in the College of Computing and the Cyber Information Protection & Hardware Evaluation Laboratory (CIPHER) at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. By coordinating these units with other related research underway at Georgia Tech, we can aggressively and comprehensively solve the newest, most sophisticated security threats -- from information espionage to the integrity of the "Internet of Things" that connects us in novel ways.
Georgia Tech has a unique model that combines three important elements in order to tackle cybersecurity threats: 1) academic, discovery-based research that explores new approaches without abandon and encourages uninhibited thinking; 2) applied research involving real-world problems using data shared by external partners to dissect immediate threats, and 3) the ability to move our discoveries into the marketplace where we can have societal and economic benefit. Modern cybersecurity work must take place in these three spheres, and the new Institute for Information Security & Privacy has been built at the intersection of all three.
We appreciate the support from the colleges and GTRI in deciding to move forward in this important manner. The Institute for Information Security & Privacy unifies our strengths across Georgia Tech and forms a new gateway to Georgia Tech’s experts so that together we can solve the grandest challenges of cybersecurity.

Thank you,

Dr. Wenke Lee
Executive Director
Institute for Information Security & Privacy