A Top Cyber Post Goes Vacant

May 30, 2018  |  By Holly Dragoo

The National Security Council made the decision not to replace the departing Rob Joyce, the first White House Cybersecurity Coordinator for the Trump administration, who left the position to return to the intelligence community. Since assuming office in April, National Security Advisor John Bolton has taken the opportunity to make staffing changes to the National Security Council; the Cybersecurity Coordinator position will ostensibly be consolidated with other roles into a new position. Opposition to this move prompted 19 Democratic Senators to write a letter to Bolton requesting that he reconsider his decision, as the position is critical to the well-being of a holistic national network defense.

IISP Analyst Holly Dragoo: "When the first White House Cybersecurity Coordinator hit the scene in 2009 under the Obama administration, I was initially very skeptical – “Do we really need another bureaucrat? How could this ‘outsider’ suitably brief/know/act on anything cyber well enough to truly inform the President?” Since that time, I’ve converted. Now, with no single agency in charge of herding the cyber-cat stakeholders, and so much money and power dynamically swirling around all things “cyber” these days, to eliminate the position is very short sighted and suggests a dated way of thinking. It is 2018. Coordinating cybersecurity at the national level is a full-time job, and eliminating it signals to adversaries that we’re not fully committed to the topic."


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