Threat Intelligence for Anomali Users

The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is pleased to be an Anomali Alliance Preferred Partner. GTRI’s highly regarded scientists and engineers apply their technical expertise to build practical, effective solutions to the toughest IT problems when no appropriate solution exists.

Data provided to Anomali users comes from GTRI’s software system "Apiary" -- a malware analysis and intelligence sharing framework that delivers critical threat data based upon the examination of more than 150,000 malware samples each day. Apiary collects and analyzes malware provided by a multi-industry community of trusted participants. The raw analysis results, along with aggregated threat statistics, are made available to Anomali customers.


What is GTRI?

GTRI is an applied research and development organization, and an integral part of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) -- one of the nation's consistently ranked top engineering and computer science universities. As Georgia Tech's non-profit research arm, GTRI has been a trusted government and industry partner since 1934. Through the Institute for Information Security & Privacy at Georgia Tech, the professional research scientists of GTRI collaborate with Georgia Tech academic faculty and students to deliver a multi-disciplinary attack front to our nation's greatest cybersecurity challenges.


Open-source Tools for Better Information Security

Georgia Tech and GTRI provide open-source tools for better information security. We also conduct research in:

Software Engineering
Software engineering methodologies, tools and environments, distributed computing systems and mechanisms for computer security

Information Sharing
Processes for creating, capturing, organizing, accessing and using the information and knowledge resources of an enterprise. Solutions for law enforcement, emergency management, homeland security and health industries

Information Security
GTRI and Georgia Tech solve critical information security issues for customers. Our expertise in firewalls; electronic commerce and data encryption; public and private key encryption; automatic security testing; intrusion detection; and hardware- and software-based authentication allow us to develop revolutionary security solutions for industry and government.

Communications & Networking
Information processing, storage, representation and exchange. We serve the IT community—and just about every other industry—through leading-edge developments in computer networking, software and hardware.



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