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Requirements Identification for IRB Protocols: The Challenges of Ubiquitous Computing and the Emergent Properties of Big Data

Project By: Marie Le Pichon and Annie Antón
Presentation By: Marie Le Pichon


ABSTRACT     This research addresses the privacy, security, and compliance challenges faced by university researchers and ethics review boards when working on data science projects. Due to the emergent properties of big data, researchers regularly re-evaluate and modify their goals. These changes must be reflected in the project’s governing documents, including research protocols, consent forms, privacy and security policies, and data-use agreements. These documents must be consistent, must cater to diverse and sometimes conflicting stakeholder needs, must be compliant in a complex regulatory landscape, and must ensure the privacy and security of research participants. The goal of this project is to explore whether requirements engineering can be leveraged as a potential solution to these challenges. Requirements engineering may not only help align stakeholder goals with a project’s governing documents but might be used to develop tools to enable researchers and ethics review boards to better address privacy, security and compliance in research protocols.

Marie Le Pichon is a first-year Ph.D. student, studying processes and standards for protecting security and privacy – whether through legislation, self-regulation, requirements engineering, interface design or user awareness. She is advised by Annie Antón.

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