State of Malware (Bytes)

Mar. 6, 2017  |  By Yacin Nadji

Malwarebytes released an infographic summarizing the state of malware from June to November of 2016, covering 100 million Windows and Android devices and spanning 200+ countries. The coverage focuses on six threats: ransomware, ad fraud, Android malware, botnets, banking trojans, and adware. To summarize the summary, they see an increase in ransomware — particularly targeting enterprise networks; find ad fraud concentrated in the US, and large increases of botnet activity in Europe and Asia.

IISP Analyst Yacin Nadji: “Another year, another state of malware report – this time in an easy to digest infographic. While light on information, some of the takeaways are interesting. First, 12.3% of enterprise malware detections are of ransomware, compared to only 1.8% for consumers. This seems surprising, but given that enterprises are more likely to have money and sensitive data (read: customer and financial records), I expect they are far more likely to pay out. Always keep backups of important data! Second, ad abuse is a serious problem amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, but the concentration in the United States seems surprising. My guess is there's simply more money to be siphoned off. Finally, the rise of previously disabled botnets suggests that taking them down without arresting the perpetrators simply doesn't work. In almost every case, the cyber criminals wait until things die down, then restart operations when no one is looking their way."


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