Cybersecurity Research


Academic and Applied Research for Cybersecurity Challenges


Georgia Tech is at the forefront of creating the next, new cybersecurity solutions with immediate application in the real world–working to strengthen national defense, ensure economic continuity, and protect individual freedom. Our aim is to anticipate, overcome and continually resist emerging cyber-threats through expert insight, innovative breakthroughs, and cutting-edge curriculum.

We have over 400 researchers working across a vast number of areas of research and specialties listed below. To be connected with specific areas to achieve your goals please contact Gloria Griessman.

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Comprehensive research areas include:             

AI and Security

Data Mining & Analytics

Mobile & Wireless Communications


Data Security & Privacy

Modeling & Simulation

Cloud Security

Forensics and Attribution

Network and System Vulnerability Analysis

Communication Systems

Hardware Security

Programming Languages & Correctness

Computer Engineering, Architecture & Design

Internet Infrastructure & Operating Systems

Risk Management


IoT / Machine-to-Machine Trust, Multi-level Security

System and Software Security

Cyber-Physical Systems

Large-Scale or Distributed Systems

Threat Intelligence & Security Analytics

Cybersecurity Public Policy and Law

Machine Learning

Cyber research highlights

How should the private sector use personal data? Should the government be able to access communication in transit or at rest?

Consumer-Facing Privacy
How can consumers securely interact with technology? What are the best practices?

How can we definitively know who is responsible for a cyber breach? What can be done when we cannot attribute the breach?


How do we quantify & assess in real time? Who do we watch? What do we look for?

How should people, machines, and networks establish trust in reliable ways? How does the trust relationship change over time?

Cyber Physical Systems
What inputs and outputs should be part of the most fortified embedded and physical systems?
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