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The Cybersecurity Lecture Series begins at Noon on Feb. 17 in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room KACB #1116W, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta 30332.

About this presentation

"Worse Than You Thought: New Security Threats in Online Tracking"

When we browse a website, data about us is collected and used by the website we directly visit and by many we do not. Collected data usually is used to provide us with better services. On the other hand, collected data may be used in ways that are out of our control. Although this practice can integrate content from different parties for a personalized, rich and dynamic online experience, it also puts users' data at risk.

In this talk, Ph.D. Candidate Wei Meng will first describe a new threat that pollutes the collected user data to influence what we see. For example, adversaries can promote a search result on Google, a video on YouTube, or a product on Amazon. Malicious publishers can leverage similar exploits to commit ad fraud. He will then present TrackMeOrNot, a system that provides end users with better control of how they are tracked online. TrackMeOrNot aims to preserve a good online experience while protecting a user's privacy. It uses an anonymous browsing profile to intelligently and automatically hide a user's sensitive browsing activity from online trackers. He will also discuss other emerging threats in online tracking.

Complimentary lunch provided for registered guests. Please bring your own beverage.