Computer Science Students, Faculty Take Honors at FSE ‘15

Multiple students and faculty from Georgia Tech's College of Computing achieved the highest honors at ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE ’15) -- one of the two flagship software engineering conferences, held in Italy, Aug 30-Sept 7.

The paper "Visualization of Test Information to Assist Fault Localization" co-authored by James Jones (who received his PhD in CS from Georgia Tech and currently an associate professor at University of California - Irvine), the late Mary Jean Harrold (CS), and John Stasko (IC), won the ACM SIGSOFT “Impact Paper Award” at the conference.  The paper, which was published at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE ‘02), is one of the most cited software-engineering papers and has influenced many subsequent research endeavors, particularly in the popular field of spectra-based fault localization. The plaque that recognizes Harrold’s contribution will be hung in the CS Faculty Lounge, and the check that comes with it will be donated to Harrold’s Graduate Fellowship (both courtesy of her family).

Additionally, two papers won ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards at the conference: 

  • "A User-Guided Approach to Program Analysis" by Ravi Mangal (MS CS), Xin Zhang (MS CS), Aditya V. Nori (external collaborator), and Assistant Professor Mayur Naik (CS). Both Ravi and Xin are advised by Naik.
  • "Users Beware: Preference Inconsistencies Ahead" by Farnaz Behrang (MS CS), Myra Cohen (external collaborator), and Associate Chair Alex Orso (CS). Farnaz is advised by Orso.

Between these two papers, Georgia Tech bagged 25% of the Distinguished Paper Awards given at FSE 2015, says Naik.

Besides the above two papers, a third paper "FlexJava: Language Support for Safe and Modular Approximate Programming" by Jongsea Park (MS CS), Xin Zhang (MS CS), Assistant Professor Hadi Esmaeilzadeh (CS), Naik, and Assistant Professor Bill Harris (CS) also was accepted to FSE ‘15.

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