Mission, Vision & Goals


The Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP) at Georgia Tech is as an international leader in researching, developing, and disseminating technical solutions and policy about cybersecurity and privacy. We assemble strong, innovative, multi-disciplinary teams to address contemporary and future cybersecurity or privacy challenges faced by government, industry and individuals. Our graduates become leaders in government, scientific, industry and entrepreneurial communities.



The Institute for Information Security & Privacy will identify and address the grand challenges in cybersecurity and privacy. We will educate and train students and professionals through degree and life-long learning programs. We will engage the government, industry and the general public on cybersecurity and privacy issues, and transfer results into deployable technologies.


Strategic Goals

  1. To become the world’s premier academic research center in cybersecurity and privacy, addressing the major technical and policy challenges.

  2. To educate and train the future leaders of cybersecurity and privacy in academia, government, and industry.

  3. To become the first choice for the government, industry, and public media in need of innovative research, technical insights, and policy guidance about cybersecurity and privacy.

  4. To be a catalyst of the information security industry in Georgia through joint research projects with companies as well as successful start-up companies by Georgia Tech faculty members and graduates.