Cybersecurity Industry Leaders Sign a Pact To…Be Security Leaders

April 27, 2018  |  By Holly Dragoo

At the RSA conference 34 international technology firms – including Cisco, Facebook, HP, Juniper, Microsoft, and Oracle – signed a public pledge to defend consumers against malicious hijacking of their products and services, regardless of origin of the user or attacker. The Cybersecurity Tech Accord, as it is known, is comprised of four primary commitments:  1) stronger defense against cyberattacks; 2) no offensive aid or action supporting governments of any kind to launch cyberattacks; 3) assist users in building their own capacity to defend their own digital assets; and 4) partner with the cybersecurity industry and researchers to share threat intelligence and coordinate vulnerability disclosures.

IISP Analyst Holly Dragoo: "This Accord is far from a 'digital Geneva Convention' as The New York Times might suggest. A values statement? Yes. A commitment to adhere to a set of values centered on assisting cyberattack/cybercrime victims? Sure. But a set of internationally binding laws it is not. An unenforceable public trust accord (or more cynically, a marketing ploy – but that’s highly doubtful) among companies doesn’t make them suddenly able to refuse court orders or the laws of another country. Maybe that’s why we don’t see notable tech players like Google, Amazon or IBM racing to sign up yet. However small, the accord is another step towards badly needed international norms in cyberspace; made ever more poignant without waiting for a government endorsement."


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