Cybersecurity Fellowship Program

The Cybersecurity Fellowship Program supports unfunded and under-funded, emerging research so that Georgia Tech Ph.D. students may do what they do best – take exceptional ideas from concept to proof. The Fellowship serves to motivate students with an advanced understanding of information assurance and cyberthreats to pursue innovative research without undue concern for lack of funds.

Submit your idea to become an IISP Cybersecurity Fellow

All Ph.D. students enrolled at any unit of Georgia Tech are encouraged to apply if they demonstrate a significant focus in one of six, core, cybersecurity research areas: policy, consumer-facing privacy, risk, trust, attribution, or cyber-physical systems. Past applicants are encouraged to re-apply and current Fellows also must re-apply each semester. Applicants should complete and submit the following:

  • Application Form
  • 2-page focused Project Description of a cybersecurity research problem
  • 1-2 paragraph Endorsement from your Ph.D. advisor

Email documents to


Fellowship Benefits
  • 50% financial support as a Graduate Research Assistant on a per-semester basis (the remainder will be provided by your academic advisor)
  • Title of “Institute for Information Security & Privacy Cybersecurity Fellow”


  • Ph.D. students already accepted or admitted to the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Significant focus on an area of cybersecurity and privacy, including but not limited to: policy, privacy, risk, trust, attribution, and cyber-physical systems
  • In good academic standing


Recipient Obligations

Upon receiving the fellowship, students must:

  • Remain in good academic standing
  • Attend Georgia Tech on a full-time basis
  • Submit research results to a premier academic conference, such as ACM CCS, NDSS, USENIX Security, IEEE S&P, Crypto, Eurocrypt, or CHI.
  • Submit a semester progress report, endorsed by your academic advisor and delivered to (reports should be received no later than Midnight on the final day of the semester, as determined by the Georgia Tech Registrar’s Office)
  • Existing Fellows must re-apply each semester in order to continue to receive funding.