Cybersecurity Demo Day: Phase 1 Results

Nineteen student teams entered the 2017-18 IISP Cybersecurty Demo Day and seventeen completed Phase 1 of a year-long contest.

Phase 1 consisted of a poster session, held Sept. 27, 2017, which allowed students to premier their research ideas and gather audience feedback. Audience vote selected three winners of "perk prizes" -- $500 -- to warm up the competition and indicate which projects hold immediate market interest. In addition to the perk prizes, Georgia Tech's Create-X awarded one, fast-track "Golden Ticket" which provides a guaranteed spot in the Create-X Startup LAUNCH summer incubator program that pays students $20,000 toward their prototype, $50,000 in legal services and provides 27 weeks of business coaching.

More prizes and more spots in Create-X are still available to win. The competition runs through April 12, 2018.


Phase 1 Standings
Rank Project Name Entrant(s) Prize Votes
1 Team #13: Tackling Cyber Security Threats in Smart Grids Majid Ahmadi, Hanif Rahbari $500 25
2 Team #11: Phish or Fish: Tackling Phishing as a Usability Problem

Tony Zhaocheng Tan, Anisha Bhandari

$500 24
3 Team #17: Internet of Things (IoT) Security Management Dashboard Karim Farhat, Ishan Mehta, Karl Grindal $500 23
4 Team #18: Securing Medical Devices Against Hardware Trojan Attacks Through Analog, Digital and Physiological Based Signatures Taimour Wehbe, Omer T. Inan, David C. Keezer -- 22
5 Team # 6: Identifying Open-Source License Violation and One-Day Security Risk at Large Scale Ruian Duan, Ashish Bijlani, Meng Xu -- 21
6 (withdrew) Team #16: Making Offline Password Cracking Infeasible Brandon Craig, Neetha Ravishanka -- 20
7 (withdrew) Team #19: Stekoa API Testing Loren Klingman, Edward A. Conrad


8 (tie) (withdrew) Team #4: PrivacyZone: A High Performance and Light-Weight Location Privacy System in the Era of Internet of Things Emre Yigitoglu -- 16

8 (tie)

Team #8: Obfuscating Speech While Preserving Environmental Sounds Bryan Bates, Jake Ashmore -- 16
10 Team #12: DeepSecurity Taesik Na, Jong Hwan Ko, Saibal Mukhopadhyay -- 14

11 (tie)

Team #15: Keeping the Bad Guys Out: Protecting and Vaccinating Deep Learning with JPEG Compression Nilaksh Das, Madhuri Shanbhogue, Shang-Tse Chen, Fred Hohman -- 13
11 (tie) Team #2: Privacy Preserving Deep Learning Lei Yu -- 13

13 (tie)

Team #5: HACKERNON Trusted Sources Mark Bailey, Stephan Hardt, Shannon Lindsley -- 12
13 (tie) Team #10: RAIN: Refinable Attack Investigation with On-demand Inter-process Information Flow Tracking Yang Ji, Sangho Lee, Evan Downing, Weiren Wang, Mattia Fazzini -- 12
15 Team #9: Privacy-Preserving Decision Tree Ensembles Stacey Truex, Mehmet Emre Gursoy -- 11
16 Team #7: rtCaptcha: A Real-Time Captcha Based Liveness Detection Erkam Uzun -- 8


Team #14: Practical Attacks Against Graph-based Clustering Yizheng Chen -- 4

no poster)

Team #1: Information Security Awareness Training & Education Mahak Sachdeva -- --

(no poster)

Team #3: DP-Star: Differentially Private Publishing of Trajectory Data Mehmet Emre Gursoy -- --