Bo Rotoloni

Bo Rotoloni is a research engineer and executive leader at the forefront of today’s toughest cybersecurity challenges.

As a co-director of the Institute of Information Security & Privacy (IISP) at Georgia Tech, Mr. Rotoloni is leading efforts to address the nation’s growing need for cyber protection. He is responsible for the establishment and continued growth of the interdisciplinary research institute in order to effectively create a single gateway for industry or government to Georgia Tech’s cybersecurity expertise. Additionally, he serves as Director of Research at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and as Director of the Information & Cyber Sciences Directorate (ICSD). Through all of these roles, he oversees a constellation of labs and units involving more than 500 people, $120 million in annual awards, and combined operating budgets of more than $11.5 million in order to achieve the operational vision, mission, goals and objectives for cybersecurity solutions by Georgia Tech.

These roles have provided Mr. Rotoloni with extensive technical, financial, and managerial experience in government and industry.  The combination of research, education, operations, and financial experience are unique in the cyber and information systems fields and Mr. Rotoloni frequently is called upon to deliver briefings to high-level, leading government officials and industry executives.

“The government is placing considerable attention on defending the nation against cyber warfare, with the explosion of both offensive and defensive cyber-related activity which also threaten private industry," Mr. Rotoloni said. "Our multi-faceted, comprehensive research structure at Georgia Tech allows us to actively meet urgent needs."

Prior to joining GTRI, Mr. Rotoloni served as the director of Wavesplitter Technologies' rapid prototyping and engineering R&D center, where he was responsible for the operation and commissioning of a pilot manufacturing, rapid prototyping and R&D center within the passive and active optical components industry. In that role, Mr. Rotoloni was responsible for all facets of the operation including financials, production, support, operations and engineering.

Prior to joining Wavesplitter Technologies, Mr. Rotoloni served as a Technical Manager at Lucent Technologies, responsible for the operation and development of ultra-high speed manufacturing processes within the manufacture of optical fiber for transmission. Specifically, Rotoloni was the lead engineer in the design and development of software and hardware for inline testing and coloring of optical fiber, which is still in use today.

Mr. Rotoloni holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, both from Clemson University.


Patents and Honors

  • Patent Number 4,619,842, Oct. 28, 1986, "Methods and Apparatus for Color Coding Lightguide Fibers"
  • Patent Number 5,151,306, Sep. 29, 1992, “Methods of Coating Elongated Strand Material”
  • Significant Technical Achievement Award, "Color Code Basketweave Take-up"
  • Significant Technical Achievement Award, "Automated Bobbin Winder"
  • Significant Technical Achievement Award, “Development of Modular Rewind System”
  • Patent Pending, "Unique Packaging for Planar Waveguide Structures"


Research Highlights

  • Published Article, WDM Solutions, November 2001, “Hybrid integration optimizes PLC module design”, co-author
  • Published Article, Lightwave Magazine Special Edition, October 15, 2001