Apply to Be an RSA Conference Security Scholar

Apply to attend the RSA® Conference (April 16-20, 2018) as one of two "RSA®C Security Scholars" from Georgia Tech. Join peers from 30 universities nationwide with premier information security programs. Meet leading experts in the field. Enjoy exclusive events at the Conference and see where a cybersecurity career can take you. Deadline to apply is Sept. 20, 2017.

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Your attendance will be cross-referenced via the event sign-in sheet and with the seminar course instructor.
Describe why you should be selected as one of three students chosen from Georgia Tech.
Current or completed examples of research in the field of information security and privacy will be considered. Provide links to research papers, the executive summary, or a brief description of the work. If none, enter "none."
Describe examples of cybersecurity leadership that you have demonstrated on campus or in the community. If none, enter "none."
Review the Georgia Tech Student Code of Conduct at