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The Cybersecurity Lecture Series begins at Noon on Apr. 21 in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room KACB #1116W, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332.

Hardware-Based Security and Trust For IoT and Supply Chain Authentication

New hardware architectures for Internet-of-Things (IoT) are emerging rapidly in response to consumer demands for improved situational awareness, instant access to widely distributed sources of news and information and remote, hand-held control over their personal assets.  The most important component of IoT relates to authentication, i.e., confirming the identities of communicating entities, but weak 'password' forms of authentication continue to dominate the IoT landscape. This presentation discusses the challenges associated with authentication in IoT environments and emerging hardware-based solutions based on physical unclonable functions (PUFs). PUFs are capable of generating unique identifiers for each chip by leveraging small performance differences introduced by manufacturing process variations. PUFs are particularly attractive for IoT because they are lightweight, eliminate the need for secure non-volatile memory, and for a special class of so-called strong PUFs, are able to generate virtually an unlimited number of unique, reproducible bitstrings. Guest speaker, Dr. Jim Plusquellic, will describe recent results and carry out a hardware demonstration of a hardware-embedded delay PUF called HELP using a set Xilinx SoC chips.

BIO    |    Dr. Jim Plusquellic is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of New Mexico, chief technology officer for Enthentica Inc., and president and chief executive officer for Trusted and Secure Systems. His research interests are in the area of nano-scale VLSI and include security and trust in IC hardware, embedded system design, supply chain and IoT security and trust, silicon validation, design for manufacturability and delay test methods.

Complimentary lunch provided for registered guests. Please bring your own beverage.